Mark Vena: Are You Ready to Lead?

Mark Vena: Are You Ready to Lead?

Mark Vena, a noted global marketing executive, knows that acting as a leader means doing what is best for your company. This means that, if you know you are not ready for a leadership role, it is a good…
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How Can You Achieve Your Professional Goals?

How Can You Achieve Your Professional Goals?

Most professionals graduate from high school and then move onto college, where they study in the field of their choice. From college they use their degrees to find entry-level positions that allow them to gain experience that will further…

What Does It Take to Thrive as a Business Leader?

What Does It Take to Thrive as a Business Leader?

Mark Vena, a highly regarded global marketing executive, is looked up to as a leader in the business world. From spearheading international marketing strategy development to inspiring his teams to improve their personal professional capabilities in a supportive manner,…

Mark Vena: Leading the Global Marketing Field

Mark VenaMark Vena is a professional with decades of experience in the marketing industry. Over the course of his career he has worked for some of the biggest names in the technology field, including Dell and Compaq. Today, he is continuing to build his expertise in the field while sharing his insight with up and coming professionals. Below is a brief overview of some of the skills and experiences that have made Vena’s career noteworthy to date.

Professional Experience: A Chronology

After graduating from Boston College with a bachelor of arts in history in 1984, Mark Vena started his career with IBM. He worked his first job as a marketing sales assistant at the company’s product center. Shortly thereafter, Vena was promoted to marketing representative with IBM Corporation. As a leader in the technology field, IBM was certainly a wonderful place for Vena to begin his professional ascent, as he quickly learned how to function as a key employee in a premier corporation.

After leaving IBM, Mark Vena accepted the role of PC analyst at Consolidated Edison of New York. This is one of the rare times that he strayed from marketing over the course of his career, but it allowed him to generate invaluable insight into the more technical side of the industry. As an analyst, he was able to come to view the technology field from a new perspective—and this has helped him in developing strategic initiatives that benefit all aspects of his company.

After accumulating experience as an analyst, Mark Vena became a marketing representative at Nynex Business Centers. He then moved to Epson America, Inc. in his first senior-level role as a senior product manager and advisory sales representative.

The next move that Vena made was a highly influential one, as he took on a position with Compaq Computer Corporation. One of the leading technology companies, this is an organization that has provided countless professionals with the opportunity to build their careers while participating in innovative initiatives. Vena first worked as a consumer product planning manager for desktop and minitower systems.

One year after he was hired, Vena was promoted to consumer product marketing manager. This position put him over the Presario brand—a premier name on the computer market. After excelling in this position, Vena was given the role of acting director/consumer product line manager of consumer product marketing. Again, just one year later, he was promoted to director of options and communications products for commercial product marketing. Yet again, another year later, Vena was promoted to director of mobile products for commercial product marketing.

In 1999 Mark Vena took on one of the most demanding yet rewarding roles he held to date—senior director of CTO/modules desktop product marketing for the Home and Office Access Division of Compaq. In this position, Vena brought in revenues topping $400 million and increased unit sales by 114 percent. As anticipated, the exceptional performance that he displayed in this position resulted in another promotion. In 2001 Vena took on the role of senior director of SMB product marketing for the North America Business Group. Here, he generated record revenue and led the development and execution of key strategic initiatives.

The work that Vena did at Compaq was career building—and Dell, Inc. took notice. In 2002 Mark Vena was hired as Dell’s senior director of its dimension line of business. This position required him to spearhead multi-functional business initiatives regarding end-to-end product planning. His work brought in billions of dollars of revenue and helped keep Dell at the forefront of the technology industry.

In 2004 Dell promoted Vena to senior director of digital home marketing. This position had him champion the digital home consumer and software strategy on a global basis. Ultimately, through his marketing work, Vena created the idea of the computer standing at the center of the digital home. This attitude was quickly adopted by families around the world, as they placed their PCs in the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. so that they could easily access this technology.

After a highly successful tenure at Dell, Vena was transferred to Alienware Corporation, which is a subsidy of the technology giant. He acted as the vice president of worldwide marketing—a position that allowed him to manage all P&L responsibility for global activity while creating corporate messaging strategies that achieved organizational goals and upheld corporate values. At Alienware, Vena increased annual revenue by 40 percent during FY 2007 through his P&L activity alone. Additionally, he managed a $14 million budget, strategically allocating funds for global initiatives.

Mark Vena: Recent Professional Achievements

In 2007 Mark Vena accepted the position of senior vice president and general manager of the Human Interface Systems Division at Synaptics, Inc., which he held until 2013. A highly demanding yet rewarding job, this required him to champion all of the revenue generated by numerous product lines, including PC, PC peripheral, digital home-related, and tablet/slate items.

Vena was successful in this position, as he was able to build an effective international marketing and engineering development organization that was made up of over 150 professionals. Additionally, he motivated employees to improve the competitive position of the organization on the market—which they did. Furthermore, he directed the development and implementation of a targeted marketing and communications strategy that, ultimately, supported the growth of the brand while improving awareness of the company.

Continuing to Build a Career

The accomplishments that Vena has made since starting his career are many. However, the key to his success is that he chooses not to rest on his laurels. The technology industry is one that is continually evolving, meaning that there are always new products to promote and new challenges to face. Additionally, the marketing industry itself is quickly changing thanks to the Internet and the latest digital advertising strategies. As such, Vena prefers to maintain a proactive attitude regarding professional development by always making an effort to stay on top of the latest best practices associated with his work.

Mark Vena is excited to continue his career and looks forward to what the future holds. He hopes that his work will inspire others and is dedicated to continually improving upon his personal professional capabilities. Mark Vena loves his industry and encourages any professionals who are interested in marketing or technology (or both) to explore the options that are available in these exciting fields.

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